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business summit for food systems professionals

Food Business Summit 2017 -platform economy, export, regenerating food business, food experience



Food Business Summit is targeted to professionals working on food industry, food systems and agrobioeconomy. Our aim is to build an event around food business that gathers together companies, professionals and other stakeholders.  We offer you innovative insights to agrobioeconomy, interesting discussions and hotspots and a networking platform among the participants.  From this website you'll find the programme that we are offering in English.  In addition to the Summit programme, you may participate to the innovation tour 'The Fit Children of Seinäjoki' held on June 6th.





WEDNESDAY 7.6.2017


9:00 Registration opens


9:30-11:00 Valuable Food Experience: Technology

From field to the fork - The value chain of foodstuff is a long one and cost-efficiency is expected in each stage of the chain. Over the years the food processing industry has developed from small, specialized food factories to large processing plants, based mostly on empirical experience. Systematic process development methods provide new possibilities to the industry, the use of collaborative robots as a substitute of the human labour being one of them. The session also discusses utilising the process modelling to the parametrical or structural optimization of the food value chain and presents the opportunities the reforming of the food service industry with the help of production technology.


If you are interested in technology, we recommend that you join also the Innovation tour on Process technology to see our pilot equipment in action.

Keynote: Robert Brooks, Omron Europe (via  Adobe Connect)


D.Sc. (Tech) Pasi Junell, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences

M.Sc. Jarmo Alarinta, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences



10:30- 11:45 Lunch


11:45-13:15 Food Business Summit opening session

Opening word: Editor In Chief, Jouni Kemppainen, Maaseudun Tulevaisuus 

Keynote: Disrupting industries through openness and innovation

Henrietta Kekäläinen, Co-Founder & CEO, Carbo Culture


Consumer trend: A shift from meat lovers to veggie enthusiasts?

Emmi Penttilä, Foodwest



12:00-17:00 Innovation tour on Agrobioeconomy: Process Technology  
Pre-registration required. Please meet the group at the even info on time. 



13:30- 14:30 Valuable Food Experience  

Food is valuable in many ways. In this session, value has multiple meanings. First, food involves economic value for both the producer and the consumer. Second, life guiding values and ethical views are attached to food. Finally, the experiences in terms of food or produced by it have value to the consumer. 


Keynote: Valuable food experience in a restaurant 

PhD Ute Walter, Umeå University, School of Restaurant and Culinary Arts


The origin of food as a consumer value 

M.Sc Tommi Kumpulainen, University of Turku



14:30-15:15 Afternoon Coffee: Havanna Postre’s dessert experience 

Kokkitupa’s Havanna Postre’s dessert consists of cake and coffee infused with the flavours of chocolate and rum. The dessert is complimented by the music composed by Sami Silén that takes the listener from the from the shore of Lappajärvi to the rhythms of Cuba. 



15:00- 16:45 Valuable Food Experience  


Keynote: Matching music and taste 

Sound Innovator Per Samuelsson,  Taste of Sound AB 

Local and global meanings of food experience

S.Sc.D Inari Aaltojärvi, Tampere University of Technology



16:45 Cocktail hour 



18:30 Food Business Summit Dinner @ Rytmikorjaamo  

The dinner is crafted from local, rustic food and the feeling of a Finnish summer night by a lake.
The four course meal is served as social food. Listen, experience, enjoy!



Seasonal greens: Salad, birch and flower.

Catch of the day: Perch, pike and roe.

Rye and cranberry muesli and sap.

Uprooted beets: roasted beetroot, nettle sour cream and goat’s milk ricotta.

Robber’s roast: leg of lamb, parsley and chives broth and carrot barley.

Meadowsweet cake, dandelion jam and rhubarb ice cream.


Dinner is presented by Ravintola Juurella and Sound Aces Studio & Design.


Tickets for the dinner are sold separately. The dinner ticket includes four courses and a wine package. Non-alcoholic drinks also available.




THURSDAY 8.6.2017


8:00 Registration opens

9:00-16:00 Food Business Summit Matchmaking / Enterprise European Network 



9:30-11:15 Branding for Export Growth 

Recent news has highlighted that several Finnish companies have made their first agreements to supply products to export markets. Keynote speaker Tobias Dahlberg from Wonder Inc. will share examples of Finnish companies using brand design to grow their export sales.  In the following panel discussion, we will talk to Atria, I’m Blue, Valio and Valtra about developing their export business and the role of branding in this process. 



11:00-12:00 Lunch 


12:00  Keynote

Creating digital service experience for the consumers in the food business

Juhani Mykkänen, Wolt



12:45 Keynote

Improving agricultural ecosystems with new types of technology partnerships 

Patrick Halford, IBM Nordic 



13:45- 14:30 Afternoon Coffee 


14:00-17:00 Food Bait workshop: case Kyrö Distillery Company 

Using theoretical tools within concept and context development, the participants will identify the key components of the brand concept and the meal context, and translate those components into flavors. The workshop will result in prototype beverages to be served with dinners at the distillery in Isokyrö. Expertise in brand strategy and gastronomy will provide the tools needed to solve the analytical task and inspiring process leaders will work with the teams to stimulate creativity and uninhibited idea generation. 


Concept Development – how to be relevant in the expectation economy  
Ingrid Widing, Senior Strategist at Humbly Communication, Umeå.

Ingrid is presenting brand concept development theory and is contributing with substantial experience of brand strategy development in the process of analysis. 


Context Development – the meal in context 

Ute Walter, PhD and Head of Umeå University School of Restaurant and Culinary Arts.

Ute brings the expertise in context development, presenting the Five Aspect Meal Model, the tool for context analysis in meal situations. 

The brand Kyrö Distillery Company
Co-Founder, Miko Heinilä, Kyrö Distillery Company

The first hour of the workshop is open for everyone.

15:00-17:00 The Workshop


Limited capacity. Pre-registration for the workhop is required due to limited capacity.


Contributors in the workshop:


Julia Berggren

Project Manager for Food Bait at Umeå School of Restaurant and Culinary Arts.


Björn Norén

Chef and Gastronomy Lecturer at Umeå University School of Restaurant and Culinary Arts.


Ute Walter

PhD and Head of Umeå University School of Restaurant and Culinary Arts.


Ingrid Widing

Senior Strategist at Humbly Communication, Umeå.


Karl-Martin Edin

Award winning bartender from Duå & Open/Closed, Umeå.


Food Bait project: Umeå University, Turku University and Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with Kyrö Distillery

matchmaking event 8.6.2017

At the FBS matchmaking event you can meet your potential business and technology partners face-to-face. Take part in pre-scheduled 25 minute meetings - high speed meetings are perfect for first impressions and new contacts! The organizers will take care of the scheduling of your meetings - you just need to inform us about those participants and organizations that you wish to meet.  


How does matchmaking work in practice?  Register to the matchmaking event By May 22nd. Tell information about your organization and what kind of cooperation are you looking for.

The organizers will contact you for further information. On 6-7 June, you will receive your personal meeting schedule by email. On 8 June the meetings take place at Seinäjoki.


Why participate? You have a chance to meet potential business and technology partners in face-to-face meetings, pre-scheduled for you! The organizers offer you support before, during and after the event. Participation at the matchmaking event is free of charge.  FBS Match is organized by Enterprise Europe Network, the largest business support organization in Europe, in cooperation with Food Business Summit organizers.

For further information on the FBS Match contact  EEN coordinator Satu Alapiha +358 50 383 0355 or Into Seinäjoki Project Manager Pauliina Hautamäki +358 400 754 878.



Spend an afternoon getting to know the agrobioeconomy business at the Seinäjoki region. The Innovation tour is an excellent combination for your Food Business Summit. Sign up for one of the innovation tours when registering to the Food Business Summit. The tours start between between none and 1pm from the Frami B- building lobby and return to the same place at 5pm.



The fit Children of Seinäjoki: Integrating Health in all policies, June 6th (Held in English)

Tuesday 6 June 2017, 12.45–16:45 

The obesity of children is a serious health problem today's world. Attempts to fight this trend have mostly failed. Seinäjoki, however, makes an exception. Between the years 2009-2015, children obesity was halved in the city, a fact proven by the World Health Organization (WHO). The success in Seinäjoki is explained by the “Health in all policies approach”, in which municipal health department does close co-operation with the education, childcare, nutrition, recreation and urban planning to guarantee that schools and day care centres combine their forces in curbing obesity by providing high quality services. In this Innovation Tour, you will meet Seinäjoki city officials, researchers and third sector actors and learn from them how to bring health in all policies.

Departure and arrival from Frami Conference Venue Seinäjoki 


South Ostrobothnia Hospital District and Mediwest Health Technology Center 

13.00 Opening words, Welfare and Health Coordinator Ulla, Frantti-Malinen, City of Seinäjoki

13.05 Fit Children of Seinäjoki - Integrating Health in all Policies, Ulla Frantti-Malinen, City of Seinäjoki

13.30 Not Just Food - The Social Context of Child Obesity and how to Overcome It from Researcher’s Perspective: Case Seinäjoki, Professor Leena Koivusilta, University of Tampere.

 Jouppilanvuori Recrerational Trail
14.15 Coffee at the LAAVU

14.30 The Association Lakeuden elämysliikunta and Its Role in Providing Exercise Possibilities for Children and Youth, The Chairman Hannu Salo and Member of the Board Pekka Lehtiniemi, 
Recrerational sport association Lakeuden elämysliikunta ry.

15.00 The Role of Sports and Exercise Services of the City of Seinäjoki in Supporting Healthy Life of the Children, Anne Kotila, Director of Sports Affairs, City of Seinäjoki

15.30 Hopping back on to the bus

Tikkuvuori day-care center 

15.40 The Role of Day Care in healthy lifestyle of Children,  Director Pauliina Suvisalmi, Tikkuvuori Day-care Center

15.10 Healthy Food for Children, Deputy Food Service Manager  Mari Kallioniemi, Catering Services of Tikkuvuori Day-care Center.

16.45 Returing to Food Business Summit Venue, Conference Venue Frami

The tour includes outdoor activites so, please make sure you have proper shoes for the short outdoors adventure.




Food System Chain: Following milk production at the South Ostrobothnia area   (Held in Finnish)

Tuesday June 6th, 12:00-17:00

In this tour, we will follow the production chain of  milk producst starting from the high-tech dairy farm Finnmilk. The second stop of the tour is Juustoportti that produces dairy and cheese products. Food stuff logistics is an important part of the chain, and thus, the tour includes a pitch from the Tuoretie that is specialised on that. The last stop of the tour is the supermarket.     

Notice that this tour is held in Finnish, if you are interested in joining this tour in English, please contact us.



Process technology: Meet JPT- Industria, Kometos and Lumikko   (HELD IN ENGLISH)

Wednesday June 7th, 12:00-17:00

Departure and arrival from Frami Conference Venue Seinäjoki 



Kometos Oy provides modular food production facilities designed for special conditions, thawing modules, tray handling- and dosing lines; installed and based on the turn-key principle. Our company, established in 1991, has its main office and factory in Kauhajoki, in the heart of Southern Ostrobothnia. In addition to a strong market position in Finland, the Baltic countries and Russia, Kometos serves through its network a diverse customers in Central Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. Export deliveries cover for 85-90 percent of Kometos production. The tour offers you a  possibility to visit the Kometos factory and see in the test premises a compact line for dosing of solid and liquid food components for catering and ready meal industry (Finntray). In addition, you're able to see the our modular food factory concept (Finmodules) as well as de-frosting rooms for thawing meat, fish, vegetables and berries (Finncold). 


JPT-Industria Oy is an innovative manufacturer for modular production plants from Ilmajoki. The company is privately owned and was established in 2007. By the skilled personnel, JPT-Industria has more than 30 years of experience. We work closely with our customers around the world to make our products efficient, user-friendly, sustainable and hygienic. Thanks to the containerized structure of our products, our target market is the whole world. JPT-Industria Oy offers complete solutions for manufacturing of compound feed, aqua feed, pet food, premixes and concentrates; different products for human consumption. Our feed factories have unique containerized structure and they are turnkey solutions with user training included. We offer production lines in different sizes customized to the client’s needs.  The tour offers you the possibility to visit the factory and FaMix - modular feed mill with 5 tons hourly capacity and thus have an inspiring insight of the modular building concept.


TEMPERATURE CONTROL SOLUTIONS FOR TRUCK&TRAILERS Cargo space temperature control units manufactured under the Lumikko trademark in Seinäjoki since the 1970s have secured the food cold chain during transportation even in extreme environmental conditions. In 2012, Lumikko Technologies was merged into the German BITZER SE, which is one of the world's leading compressor and pressure equipment manufacturers. With the support of our skilled personnel and BITZER´s extensive network, we will continue our development dating back 40 years in order to discover better, safer and more ecological cargo space temperature control solutions in Finland. Lumikko’s products are driven by the high technology and innovative temperature control solutions for truck and trailer in the Northern Europe. We provide the optimum transport temperatures with the most efficient cooling solutions and best heating power customized to your specific needs. The products are developed according to the highest food transport requirements and fulfill ATP, EMC and other product regulations. The tour offers you the possibility to visit the assembly factory and see full range of engine driven temperature control units. The most interesting solutions is based on the BITZER hybrid compressor range which able to use with three different refrigerants R404A, R452A and R449A.


Please notice that the process technology tour is available to you only if you've purchased the Food Business Summit . 







Registration fees 16.3.2017 - 31.5.2017


Tickets and prices (vat 0%)

SUMMIT-pass 2 DAYS + FBS dinner 255€

Inc. Summit programme June 7-8th, coffee and lunch during both Summit days and a dinner June 7th evening.

SUMMIT-pass  2 DAYS  7-8.6.2017 160€ / 80€
Inc. Summit programme June 7-8th, coffee and lunch during both Summit days and a dinner June 7th evening.

The price is 160€ for companies and organisations, and 80€ for our partners and students.

SUMMIT- pass 1 DAY  7.6 or 8.6 2017 110€ / 65€

Inc. Summit programme, coffee and lunch during the chosen Summit days .

The price is 160€ for companies and organisations, and 80€ for our partners and students.


Food Business Summit Dinner 7.6.2017 113€ 

The dinner is crafted from local, rustic food and the feeling of a Finnish summer night by a lake. The four course meal is served as social food. 


Innovation tour on the agrobioeconomy 33€ 

1. The fit Children of Seinäjoki: Integrating Health in all policies, June 6th (Held in English)
2. Food System Chain: Following milk production at the South Ostrobothnia,  June 6th (Held in Finnish)

3. RuokaProvinssi: Destination Koskenkorva, June 6th (Held in Finnish)
4. Process Technology: Meet JPT- Industria, Lumikko and Kometos, June 7th (Held in English)


Please notice, The Innovation tour on Process technology is only available for those who bought the ticket to Food Business Summit, however, the tour has a limited capacity. 

Terms of cancellation:  Cancellations are possible until the 15th of May 2017. Handling fee 50€ (+VAT 24%) will be charged.  Registration is personal, but can be moved to another person in the same company.  Cancellations done after May 31 will not be refunded.



Registration is now closed






Food Business Summit partners offer special prices during the Summit You may book the accomodation directly to the hotels using the code  'Food Summit'.
The fixed prices are per night and include breakfast and VAT.  The Food Summit quota is valid until May 29th 2017. 


Prices for the Sokos Hotels Lakeus and Vaakuna: 

- single 113 € / room/ day 

- double 128 € / room / day

Some of the rooms are Superior class with an extra price of 17 euros/ room. 


Hotel information:

Original Sokos Hotel Lakeus
Address: Torikatu 2, 60100 Seinäjoki
+358 10 764 8000

Hotel information:
Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna
Address: Kauppatori 3, 60100 Seinäjoki
+358 10 764 7000




Food Business Summit is held at the Frami B-building. The address of the venue is Kampusranta 9, 60320 Seinäjoki.
The venue is located close to the city centre with an approximately 15 minute walk from the Seinäjoki Central Station and the hotels.


For more information about the business opportunites, please check out Invest In Seinäjoki. 



For more information about Food Business Summit, please contact:
Päivi Alaniska,, +358 40 505 3284

speakers  wednesday 7.6.2017

henrietta kekäläinen

Co-Founder & CEO, Carbo Culture

Pia Henrietta Kekäläinen is the co-founder and CEO of Carbo Culture, making biochar and high-end carbon products from waste biomass. Henrietta is a board member at Helsinki Nasdaq traded Yleiselektroniikka Oy (YLEPS), Mehackit Oy and Carbo Culture. She is a 2013 alumna of Singularity University’s flagship program Global Solutions Program, which operates yearly out of the NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California. The program asks its students to impact humanity positively whilst leveraging exponential technologies. Previously, she co-founded to help youth build technology skills and not just be passive users.


per samuelsson

Composer, Innovator,  Taste of Sound AB 

Per Samuelsson is a Swedish composer and sound innovator who travels around the world performing at festivals and events. He lectures on matching food with music with references to research and examples from his own work. The lectures are adjusted based on the target audience and can range from simple inspiring the public, to more in-depth analytical approaches for professionals in the food and catering. His book called Krydda med music (Seasoning with music) recently won the Best Innovative Cookbook in Sweden award. The book describes how different types of sound and music affects our taste buds. Some music makes the drinks sweeter, another makes us choose the more expensive wines. We drink more beer at a certain noise level, and the food tastes better at another. The contents of the book are based on neuroscience research available in the field.




Emmi penttilä

Market Researcher, Foodwest

Emmi works for Foodwest doing market research, and has many years of experience in consumer research. She wishes to gain a deeper understanding on the everyday life and rituals in special occasions in consumer behavior and consumption, which the food industry would be able to utilize as support when facing challenges. Using experienced methods and expertise, Emmi is able to leap into the homes of consumers in order to find the most fascinating themes found in decision-making across a multi-faceted network. Foodwest is a company specializing and focused on the food industry. 



ute walter

Head of School, Umeå University

Ute Walter holds a PhD in Culinary Arts and Meal Science from Örebro University and an MSc in Business Administration from Stockholm University. In her university studies she combined studies in service management, tourism and education. She also has extensive practical experience from the field of Culinary Arts, where she held different positions in both restaurant and kitchen. Her research area is customer service experiences at restaurants with a particular interest in the dynamic processes of interactions in restaurant services. Since 2012 she is senior lecturer at Umeå University School of Restaurant and Culinary Arts and head of school.


Inari aaltojärvi

Researcher, Tampere University of Technology 

Inari Aaltojärvi received her Ph.D in Sociology from the University of Tampere, where she researched the culture of food, its consumption and the cultural applications and effects. She is now conducting research at the architecture department at the Tampere University of Technology for a Health Supporting Multisensory Food Environment project named VÄRINÄ. This is a Tekes-funded research project, spanning across multiple fields of science. Aaltojärvi excels in a multidisciplinary research environment, as each individual is challenged to expand and justify their own perspectives and methods in their respective fields of research. The study of food and its consumption are also topics which promote and facilitate an open learning environment when multiple fields of science collaborate. 




Principal lecturer, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences

 Pasi Junell works as a lecturer and researcher at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. Currently his main research interest concentrates on the local food supply chains from the perspectives of meal manufacturing and consumer experiences. Other research interests include a wide variety of food related subjects. As a lecturer, Pasi teaches mainly general physics and physical chemistry for engineering students. The teaching includes also modelling and simulation. From earlier research at Tampere University of Technology, Pasi holds a D.Sc. (tech) in the area of surface science.



jArmo alarinta

Principal lecturer, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences

Jarmo Alarinta works as a teacher and researcher in Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences’ Food Unit. Jarmo has worked as a food chain developer in Seinäjoki area, in various organizations, for more than 20 years. His interests include building food processes and developing cooking methods with the idea of “embracing new ideas with courage and confidence.


Researcher, University of Turku

Tommi Kumpulainen works as a researcher in the Functional Foods Forum of University of Turku. He is preparing a dissertation of the complexity of freshness and locality in the food chain. The current project concentrates on the local supply chains from the perspectives of meal manufacturing and consumer experiences.



speakers thursday 8.6.2017

patric halford

Nordic Ecosystem Development Leader at IBM

Having worked at IBM for over 15 years, Patrick Halford is a frequent speaker widely experienced in the ecosystems approach of disruptive technologies and in the business applications of these technologies. With a special focus on robotics, drone technology and healthcare ecosystem advancements, Patrick is a true tech advocate, helping the world solve complex challenges across industries. His main focus areas are for example  agriculture, construction and transport. A guy literally bringing the future to our doorsteps. In his talk Patrick will help us picture the world we're moving towards thanks to all new technologies out there, and teach you how global ecosystems can come in handy. 




SVP Product Development, Valio Ltd 

Kristiina is a biotechnology professional working at the largest dairy company in Finland. After a career at Helsinki University of Technology including teaching and research, her strong basis in both biotechnology and business brought her to work in the dairy industry. Working with starter cultures led to cheese product development, and cultivating expertise in the consumer goods business combined with a strong technological background landed her a 3-year position in the US subsidiary of Valio as the first Director of Product Development. Coming back to Valio Finland in 2016 as Senior Vice President R&D was backed by the international experiences in dairy trade and a track record of change management. Currently she is responsible for product development and innovations in the cheeses, fats, powders and baby foods for Valio globally.

tobias dAhlberg

Founder and CEO, Wonder Inc.

Tobias is an entrepreneur and strategist in the field of design, innovation and branding. He is the founder of Wonder, a strategic design and innovation consultancy that helps companies innovate and grow their businesses. He has worked for companies and brands such as Iittala, Fazer, Fiskars, Paulig, Marimekko, Halti, Altia and The Coca-Cola Company. His work has been featured in international publications such as Wallpaper Magazine, Business Insider, Centurion Magazine and Conde Nast Traveller.





Manager, Industrial Design & User Experience, Valta Inc 

Kimmo Wihinen is head of Industrial Design and User Experience at Valtra, which is part of one of the largest agricultural companies in the world - AGCO Corporation. He has very cross-disciplinary background and he feels at home while surfing between industrial design, product development and marketing. 







Ida salo

Co-founder and CEO, I'm Blue

Ida Salo is a a student, founder and the Managing Director of I’m Blue Oy – a company producing blueberry soda using domestic Finnish blueberries to meet the growing health trends that incorporate the nature and identity of Finland. I’m Blue was founded by four young adults from South-Tapiola’s high school, as part of their Young Entrepreneurship course, but they shouldn’t be underestimated. They’ve always had their eyes on international markets and are already taking their first steps this year at Kazakhstan’s World Expo 2017. 

tUomas kujala

PGM, Atria Ltd 

Tuomas Kujala works for Atria in Finland as a Product Group Manager. Tuomas started at Atria in 2007 through a trainee program, and has not regretted a day! Tuomas has a Master’s Degree in Economics. In his work, he is responsible for product group management across all sales channels in Finland as well as overseas.




Co-Founcer and Project Manager, Xport

Xport provides a range of services that helps our customers approach export markets in small, manageable steps. We work to grow export sales for our customers by taking-on the tasks of an export manager: market research, partner searches, preparing to exhibit at international trade shows and ongoing sales management. In addition, we offer various training sessions, such as, Preparing to Export, Developing an Overseas Network, Understanding Export Documentation, English Sales Pitch, and English Conversation.





CDO, Co-founder, Wolt

Juhani Mykkänen is the Chief Development Officer and co-founder of the Finnish mobile app Wolt. Within only two years the food ordering start up Wolt has grown rapidly now having over quarter of a million registered users. Juhani Mykkänen gratuaded from Aalto University majoring IT business and wrote his thesis about the usability of tablet newspapers. He has worked on creative industries and media for years, including Helsingin Sanomat the leading newspaper in Finland.






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Food Business Summit promotes agrobioeconomy in South Ostrobothnia area in Finland. The summit is coordinated by Into Seinäjoki Ltd and produced together with Tampere University, Turku University, Helsinki University Rurarial Institute and Seinäjoki University of Applied Science. The summit also cooperates with RuokaProvinssi, New digital solution in food systems, AB Seinäjoki and Food Summit projects which  receive funding from European regional development fund (ERDF).

Tätä sivustoa ylläpitää Into Seinäjoki Oy. Sivusto esittelee eteläpohjalaista agrobiotalouden laajaa osaamista ja tarjontaa yrityksille. 

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