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Food is valuable in many way and the value has multiple meanings. First, food involves economic value for both the producer and the consumer. Second, life guiding values and ethical views are attached to food.
Finally, theexperiences in terms of food or produced by it have value to the consumer.

We have collected keynotes and session that discuss these viewpoints and meanings in this page. 

Please notice that this is just a small piece of the programme the Food Business Summit offers to its gests.
We hope to see you at the Summit.



 WEDNESDAY 7.6.2017


9:30-11:00: Valuable Food Experience: Technology

From field to the fork - The value chain of foodstuff is a long one and cost-efficiency is expected in each stage of the chain. Over the years the food processing industry has developed from small, specialized food factories to large processing plants, mostly based on empirical experience. Systematic process development methods provide new possibilities to the industry, the use of collaborative robots as a substitute of the human labour being one of them. The session also discusses utilising the process modelling to the parametrical or structural optimization of the food value chain and presents the opportunities the reforming of the food service industry with the help of production technology.


Keynote: Robert Brooks, Omron Europe (via  Adobe Connect)


D.Sc. (Tech) Pasi Junell, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences

M.Sc. Jarmo Alarinta, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences


If you are interested in technology, we recommend that you join also the Innovation tour on Process technology to see our pilot equipment in action.



13:30- 14:30  Valuable Food Experience 

Food is valuable in many ways. In this session, value has multiple meanings. First, food involves economic value for both the producer and the consumer. Second, life guiding values and ethical views are attached to food.
Finally, the experiences in terms of food or produced by it have value to the consumer.


Keynote: Valuable food experience in a restaurant 

PhD Ute Walter, Umeå University, School of Restaurant and Culinary Arts.


The origin of food as a consumer value 

M.Sc Tommi Kumpulainen, University of Turku


Closer geographical origin of the food is in many cases perceived to produce positive responses among consumers. Especially locally produced and sourced food products are popular among specific consumer groups. In some cases product origin may even increase the experienced quality even when the product is not appealing itself.  The talk introduces results on the effect of food origin induced expectations among young people from 17 to 28 years of age.



14:30-15:15 Coffee Break: Havanna Postre’s



15:00- 16:45 Valuable Food Experience 


Keynote: Matching music and taste 

Sound Innovator Per Samuelsson, Taste of Sound AB


Multisensory design for dinner events. Examples of how to use taste and music matching, and creative food experience's as a communication tool for the customer and the guests. By using culture crossover colloborations, and knowledge of stage technology, there are big opportunities to create a food experience that really make an impact.


Local and global meanings of food experience 

S.Sc.D Inari Aaltojärvi, Tampere University of Technology


The talk covers the case study of the locality-themed pop up restaurant tour wherein it was studied how the consumers of the events understood locality and local food. It is discussed how food and eating are at the same time local and global and how one presumes another. 



16:45 Cocktail hour 

The valuable food experience session will be complemented by inviting the participants to take part in a survey on identifying new ways to utilize technology in foodservice and food manufacturing. While being served a drink by the robot, the participants will be asked to share their perspectives, ideas, and example of the novel solutions of robots/technology in food industry, foodservice, and customer service.



 Check out the rest of the Food Business Summit programme in finnish or in ENGLISH.






Health supporting multisensory food environment (Värinä)

1) Sensing the lunch/ S.Sc.D Inari Aaltojärvi, Tampere University of Technology

The poster presents the qualitative lunch study that was conducted in actual lunch restaurants. With the research, the aim was to answer questions about environmental factors and their connection to lunch experience and related emotions.

2) Multimodal dining experience in pop up –restaurant/D.Sc (Econ.) Tuija Pitkäkoski, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences

This poster presents a case study of the three multimodal dining experiences provided by a local fine dining restaurant during autumn 2015 in South Ostrobothnia, in Finland.  All the elements of these multisensory events were designed to underpin the desired local ambiance, especially as regards place, soundscape and food. The events took place in a linen textile mill, an old power plant and an art gallery. Focus group interviews were conducted to explore the overall experience, participants’ perceptions and opinions. This study highlights the multimodal aspect of ambiance and what kind of impact it has on customers` dining experience. (with attached multimedia experience)

 The effect of food colors on food choice/M.Sc Maija Paakki, University of Turku

How colors and colorfulness in food affect food choices at lunch?  The results of VÄRINÄ -project’s lunch study are presented. The study was carried out in a multisensory laboratory and the data consisted of four group interviews.

4) Sound design in a hypermarket/PhD Maija Kontukoski, University of the Arts Helsinki

In this poster, a case study of sound design in a commercial context will be presented. The study examines people’s perceptions and meaning making on sounds of nature in a hypermarket. The poster presentation includes multimedia from the listening walks conducted in a local hypermarket in Seinäjoki in the autumn of 2016. (with attached multimedia experience)

You'll find the posters from the cafe-lobby area of the Food Business Summit Venue.








Registration fees 16.3.2017 - 29.5.2017


1. SUMMIT-pass 2 DAYS, 7-8.6.2017 + FBS dinner
Price: 255€  + VAT 24% (inc. Summit programme June 7-8th, coffee and lunch during both Summit days and a dinner June 7th evening).
Notice that we have a limited capacity for the dinner. The price is valid no longer than May 15th. 

2. SUMMIT-pass  2 DAYS  7-8.6.2017
Price: 160€ / 80€ + VAT 24% (companies/students). Inc. Summit programme June 7-8th, coffee and lunch during both Summit days and a dinner June 7th evening.

3. SUMMIT- pass 1 DAY  7.6 or 8.6 2017
Price: 110€ / 65€ + VAT 24% (student/companies.) Inc. Summit programme, coffee and lunch during the chosen Summit days 

4. DINNER CARD: Food Business Summit Dinner 7.6.2017
Price: 123€ + VAT 24% 

5. INNOVATION TOUR on the agrobioeconomy 
Price: 33€ + VAT 24% 

1. The fit Children of Seinäjoki: Integrating Health in all policies, June 6th (Held in English)
2. Food System Chain: Following milk production at the South Ostrobothnia,  June 6th (Held in Finnish)

3. RuokaProvinssi: Destination Koskenkorva, June 6th (Held in Finnish)
4. Process Technology: Meet JPT- Industria, Lumikko and Kometos, June 7th (Held in English)



Please notice: The Innovation tour on Process technology is only available for those who bought the ticket to Food Business Summit, however, the tour has a limited capacity. 

Terms of cancellation:  Cancellations are possible until the 15th of May 2017. Handling fee 50€ (+VAT 24%) will be charged.  Registration is personal, but can be moved to another person in the same company.  Cancellations done after May 31 will not be refunded.











Food Business Summit partners offer special prices during the Summit You may book the accomodation directly to the hotels using the code  'Food Summit'.
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Food Business Summit is held at the Frami B-building. The address of the venue is Kampusranta 9, 60320 Seinäjoki.
The venue is located close to the city centre with an approximately 15 minute walk from the Seinäjoki Central Station and the hotels.


For more information about the business opportunites, please check out Invest In Seinäjoki. 



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